Our offshore development center in the India is located in Bangalore which is considered to be the silicon valley of India. This gives us access to the large talent pool available in the market.

Our development center is a state of the art, secure facility located in central business/IT districts. We are equipped for contingencies with redundant uninterrupted power backups, access control systems and international high speed links for voice and data communication. We do have a disaster recovery centre where all server data is stored and replicated in a secured environment.

Our development center operates round the clock helping our clients by being on a 24x7 support if needed. It is equipped with most of the popular hardware and software environments to enable replication of client software environments. In addition to work areas, our facility contains training, rest and recreational areas and amenities for the employees.

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We are a professional software services agency, providing a wide range of solutions to business entities of all sizes, in all sectors and around the world. We are empowered with the best talent and most modern technologies for software solutions.