Data Center Management

Trusted Software, is a managed business intelligence service provider. The company builds, hosts, and manages data warehouses for clients ranging from leading online retailers to major telecommunications providers. Each day, Our clients send new data-Web logs, customer information, transaction records, inventory data, and marketing data-to Trusted Software' data center, where the data is scrubbed and imported into custom-designed data warehouses. Trusted Software then applies sophisticated data analysis and mining applications, making the results available to customers via secure Web-based reports on a 24x7 basis. Clients can use this data to understand and interpret customer behavior, leading to increased effectiveness of marketing and customer acquisition efforts. Clients can also integrate the results of Trusted Software' data mining back into their own systems, where they can be used to better personalize the user experience and increase revenues via targeted recommendations.

Our end-to-end solutions and consulting services in Warehousing across industry verticals using leading technology products proved Trusted Software as leading providers in the core areas of Warehousing, Business Intelligence and Enterprise performance management solutions.

Remote Network Monitoring & Management Services
Providing Network Architecture Services such as reviewing clients existing network infrastructure.
Perceiving their current & future requirements.
Device availability & network performance.
Structuring the Network Strategy.
Accounting for network & fault management.

Data Centre Management Services
Management of servers on networks like LAN, WAN, or VPN.
Administering of WAN (Routers, Switches (L2/L3).
Managing of VPN devices.
Among other services are technical & change management support to process optimization and disaster recovery.
Maintenance services relating to Application servers.
Troubleshooting of any kind including system slow down performance issues.
Data system Back-ups, operating system updating, running antivirus etc.

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